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The Patrician

The Patrician by Joan Kayse

Jared of Alexandria, a merchant prince, must find the enemy who threatens his empire. He seeks the counsel of a beautiful seer only to fall into a fate worse than death.

Bryna of Eire lives with guilt which grows when she is forced to lie to the sensual man. Thrown together by fate, they evade capture and seek their enemy.

Can the differences that separate them save their lives and their love?

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The Patrician's Fortune

The Patrician's Fortune by Joan Kayse

Lured into a conspiracy set by his duplicitous employer and sentenced to die, spy Damon Primax finds himself saved by a woman too beautiful to be anything less than a goddess. But his gratitude is tempered by the bitter truth that his life is the price he pays to be a pawn in a patrician game.

A simple matter to play the role of husband to the noble Julia until he starts to see how human his goddess is, caring for her family and others.

When the attraction and desire he feels is reciprocated, Damon dares to dream again only to have it threatened by the intrigue of powerful men who would see them both destroyed.

Can the clash of social class and greed be overcome or will Damon pay the ultimate price to protect the woman he loves?

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Barbarian's Soul

Barbarian's Soul by Joan Kayse


Blood. Death. Destruction. Bran, son of Fynbar survived it all as a gladiator in the arenas of Rome's blood sport. Earning his freedom did not earn him peace, and he finds his hell continues when he remains in the heart of the Empire to see his sister and her family secure. But now that all is settled, he is close to attaining the one shard of hope that saw him through his darkest days--he is finally returning home.

Adria has lived life in the streets of Rome since being orphaned as a young girl. Not an easy task considering the poverty that plagues the city. She uses the skills she's learned to fill her belly and take care of those in desperate need. That she does so by stealing from only those who can afford the loss and never for her own personal gain is something she accepts. But when a notorious master thief pressures her to join his lethal ranks and her foster mother is faced with eviction, she breaks her most basic rule and steals for profit.

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